Skovard’s Trolltind

- Publisert 02-01-2023 Skovard’s Stortinden

- Publisert 02-01-2023 Skovard’s Himmeltinden

- Publisert 02-01-2023 Skovard’s Keiservarden

- Publisert 02-01-2023 Skovard’s Dronningkrona 7 weeks
- Publisert 02-01-2023 Puppies

- Publisert 13-12-2022 We are expecting a litter

C.I.B NORD UCH NORDV 18 NJV 17 NVCH After Midnight V D Mibafs Hoeve “Norah” is expecting puppies with CRO CH Osorio Von Nordor.

- Publisert 11-10-2022 New litter

We are planning a new litter December/January.

- Publisert 21-08-2022 No plans at the moment

We are not planning any new litters for the time being.

- Publisert 23-10-2021 We are expecting a litter

We are expecting a litter. The parents are NUCH NVCH Skovard’s Flashdance and Skovard’s Bow Tie. Puppies will be born first week of January

- Publisert 04-12-2020