Planning a litter for Sofia

Austri V D Mibafs Hoeve “Sofia” will be meeting with Doxy Dream Orion this October.

- Publisert 04-10-2020 New litter

8 puppies were born on the 9th of December. 6 males and 2 females.

- Publisert 15-12-2019 We are expecting a new litter

We are expecting a new litter on December 9th. The parents are After Midnight V D Mibafs Hoeve and Impuls Nimrod (Skovard’s Rosemary and Canearisto Jerrylee – Lewis).

- Publisert 06-11-2019 Litter

Sofia and Yo Yo had puppies on Christmas eve, 3 males and 2 females, all red.

N S UCH NVCH Austri V D Mibaf’s Hoeve ( KAMP. Lalito de la Hérelle (KH) INT. SHOWKAMP. – Skovard’s Chocolate Dream) and NV18 DKJCH Yo Yo Di Turboland (Ch. Excellmagic Ignossius Imp – ItaJch Itach Ophelia Di Turboland)

- Publisert 29-12-2018 Sofia’s litter

Sofia had puppies on February 25th: 2 red females, 1 black/tan male, 1 red male and 1 chocolate male. There is a male available for an outdoors-loving family.

- Publisert 11-03-2018 New litter!

Sofia’s belly is growing and we are expecting puppies February 27th. Eith N S UCH NVCH Austri V D Mibafs Hoeve and C.I.B C.I.E DKUCH NORDU(V)CH SEVCH Lillsjøskogens Aleksej de Bon Bon.

- Publisert 07-02-2018 Planning a litter for Serenade

C.I.B NO UCH DK UCH N VCH Skovard’s Serenade will go into heat in October/November. Information about the father will be coming soon.


- Publisert 09-08-2016 3 weeks.

3 weeks today and they have got the first meal.

- Publisert 10-12-2015 Puppies are now 13 days.

The puppies are now 13 days. The tan colour is beautiful.

- Publisert 02-12-2015 Puppies born today.

I am so happy, my litter is born today. All black and tan, 6 females and 2 males.

- Publisert 19-11-2015