Our beloved Skovard’s Anna Karenina is expecting puppies on or around November 22nd with C.I.E. LV CH HeW-11 HeJW-11 W-11 JW-11 EEW-12 W-12 EEW-13 HeW-13 SEW-13 EEW-14 Unita’s The King. Pictures of King will follow soon.

- Publisert 19-10-2015 Planning a litter for Kira in the fall/winter of 2015

NO UCH SE UCH N VCH Skovard’s Anna Karenina “Kira”. We are in the process of finding a friendly and beautiful male.

- Publisert 23-08-2015 Here you will find the latest news about our planned litters

- Publisert 18-08-2015